closed [ klouzd ] adjective **
▸ 1 covering passage/hole
▸ 2 not doing business
▸ 3 not allowed to everyone
▸ 4 not considering ideas
▸ 5 with fixed number of something
▸ 6 forming complete circle
1. ) if a door, window, lid, etc. is closed, it is covering an open area, passage, or hole:
closed curtains
All the doors are closed and locked.
tightly closed/closed tight: Keep your eyes tightly closed.
2. ) not operating or doing business, especially for the night or weekend:
All the stores were closed.
closed to: This part of the museum is closed to the public.
3. ) held in private, with no reporters or members of the public allowed:
Cases of this type are tried in a closed military court.
in closed session: The meeting was held in closed session.
4. ) not willing to consider the ideas, opinions, or beliefs of other people or groups:
a closed society
You can't approach these kind of situations with a closed mind.
5. ) with a fixed or limited number of parts, members, or answers:
a closed question
The law is not a closed set of rules and principles.
6. ) forming a complete circle:
a closed loop of wire
behind closed doors
in a place where other people cannot see or know what is happening
a closed book (to someone) BRITISH
someone or something that you do not know or understand anything about

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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